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Blackpool Connections Mixed Sauna

My husband and I like it here, it's not the most top end swingers club we've ever been to but the owners are friendly and made us feel welcome. We have met some very playful couples and had some very naughty times. They've just opened a brand new orgy room which I hear is great though haven't had a chance to try it ourselves but nothing get's me wet like a thought of a massive orgy or gangbang with little old me being everyone's prized slut! jacuzzi is always a nice place to start the fun, chat with other couples and hopefully borrow their husbands for some quick fun in one of the party rooms ;) I prefer the anything goes nights, I love having fun with single guys as well as married men, single guys are always so eager to please me and leave me feeling satisfied, my husband is very much a cuck and likes to watch me with single men especially in a group sex party. Blackpool Connections is perfect for both couples and singles, never any pressure, you can get involved or just sit back and watch. So if you're a new swinging couple I invite you to give Blackpool Connections a try.

Price: Single guys £15.00 - Couples £15.00 - Single Females  £5.00

My favourite swinging room is of course the Jacuzzi, nothing like it when you're all but naked, horny, wet, hard and packed in to that pool.

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Blackpool Connections
97-107 Edgerton Road,


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