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Exchange swingers hotel

My husband and I really like the Exchange Hotel in Blackpool because you just never know what you're going to get, each sex party is different from the last, one night you will have plenty of young good looking men and women which is perfect for me as I do like to be a plaything for toy boys but not so good for my husband her prefer more mature women - on another night though he could get exactly that, we went to a wife swapping party and everyone was over 50, not a young stud insight much to my disappointment ! Not that I didn't enjoy myself because I did! The most important thing about the Exchange Hotel is that it's plenty of fun and the host and hostess swingers themselves are very friendly and welcoming. On a Friday it's a lot more casual, I simply wore stockings, short skirt no knickers of course and most of the ladies did the same. It's Friday night when you get to know people, see who takes your fancy as such. Saturday night is the main event and usually a themed night of sorts. Expensive though but well worth it, plenty of single males and females to play with!

Any single guys who enjoy mature married women like myself there are plenty of lonely and sometimes very desperate housewives looking for some fun and you can count me as one of them! So if you're want some wife sharing action and don't mind a husband watching then crack on and let's get it on!

Prices: Couples £120 - Single females £50 - Single males £80


Tel: 07762 497367


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